Crunching & Bursting (quiet demolition)

We most often use Hydraulic Crunching to quietly demolish in-situ structures such as walls, floor slabs and staircases when noise is an issue as Crunching makes little noise or vibration. Two hydraulically powered jaws are placed either side of the slab or wall. When closed the fabric between is crushed into rubble. The process is repeated until the whole structure has been ‘eaten away’. Crunchers can be handheld or mounted on a robotic demolition machine.

Hydraulic Bursting is sometimes used for the demolition of large sections of concrete. A series of holes are diamond drilled in predetermined positions in the structure. Hydraulic burster heads are inserted into the holes and then expanded creating a splitting force of up to 250 tonnes per burster head, cracking away the concrete ready for removal. When required for large scale splitting of concrete, several burster heads can be used at once creating spreading forces of over 1000 tonnes. This technique also produces very little noise, vibration or dust.

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