Floor & Road Sawing

Floor Sawing is a practical and economic means for cutting flat horizontal concrete and asphalt surfaces. Typical applications include trenching, floor chasing, road and runway repairs, crack inducement cuts, large openings in floor slabs and expansion joints. We have a selection of floor saws to suit a wide range of requirements.

The floor saw is either pushed by the operator or more generally a self-propelled unit powered by either a diesel or petrol engine or 3 phase electric motor. Floor saws vary in power from 13 HP to in excess of 80 HP. The advantages of the floor saw over the track saw is that it does not require any setting up time, has its own power unit and is a very rapid cutting machine. Blades of up to 1500mm in diameter can be used, cutting to over 600mm deep.

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Floor and Road SawingFloor and Road SawingFloor and Road SawingFloor and Road Sawing

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