Pull Out Anchor Testing

We can carry out pull out testing to most fixings and anchor points in most construction materials in accordance with BS 8539 guidelines. We are also able to pull test post-installed reinforcement bars. Pull out anchor testing can be performed during the design phase of a project to determine safe working loads and confirm suitability of fixings to the designer (preliminary/ultimate load testing), or carried out during the build phase to validate correct installation and performance of the anchors/fixings (proof testing). Installations usually need to be independently tested and a report issued to allow project sign off.

Applications include handrails, façade mounting systems, masonry support brackets, fall arrest anchor points, suspended ceilings, seasonal decorations and suspended lighting. Fixings that can be tested include resin anchors, shield anchors, sleeve anchors, concrete screws, through bolts and drop-in anchors.

We have the most up-to-date pull test equipment capable of testing to 145 kN - incorporating highly accurate digital gauges, Bluetooth and the latest App software. All test equipment is regularly calibrated and certificated.

If you require pull testing of anchors or fixings for your project in Kent, London, the South East or beyond please contact Diamond Edge Drilling Ltd.  

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