Selective Demolition

We can advise on and undertake most aspects of the controlled demolition of concrete and masonry structures. Using our expertise plus a combination of techniques, openings through walls and floors can be created and structures such as walls, beams, columns and staircases can be easily removed with minimal disruption. Crunching and Bursting techniques can be used to demolish concrete and masonry in sensitive areas as both methods produce very little noise or vibration.

We often recommend and use diamond cutting systems for concrete removal projects because they can provide significant advantages over conventional concrete removal methods. These vary depending on the circumstances but can include reduced down time, precision cutting, maintenance of structural integrity, the ability to cut the most heavily reinforced concrete, limited access cutting and reduced noise, dust, debris and vibration.

Robotic demolition

Demolition robots are the ideal solution to a lot of controlled demolition projects. With a small footprint these machines can be operated in confined spaces and provide massive productivity gains compared with traditional methods. They are extremely manoeuvrable and can even go up and down stairs! There are no exhaust fumes as the machine is electrically powered. Demolition robots are remotely operated thus eliminating many of the risks involved in demolition. Pneumatic hammer, crunching jaws, metal shears and digger buckets can be fitted.

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Robotic Demolition

Selective DemolitionSelective DemolitionSelective DemolitionSelective Demolition

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